I'm a marketing specialist and sometimes freelance writer. I am currently based in Los Angeles, CA, where I balance my love of cooking and relaxing with throwing parties and traveling. Let's thrive together. 

My Work

I like to focus my work around culture and the people shaping it it. This expertise aids in helping clients from DJ Mag Top 100 DJs to Fortune 500 companies reach their target millenial audiences.  

I'm currently employed full-time at the music/technology start up Mixify. I currently lead the events and experience team from our West Hollywood office, creating campaigns for artists and labels showcased at multi-venue events worldwide. Previously I handled marketing and all of the online content and programming for Mixify.com in Brooklyn, NY. 

Additionally, I have done freelance writing for various publications including Vice, Complex, The Village Voice, and more. I have worked on branded content and digital campaigns for companies including Pepsi, Scion, American Express, and Miller.

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